This service is provided nationwide
This service is provided nationwide


Reading the small print

small print

Reading the small print is something that almost everyone skips over and ignores. We are all guilty of it! Whether it’s buying new electrical goods for the house, or taking out insurance. I know that I cut right to the end to tick the “I Agree” box. Recently we have seen flyers and deals from…

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Independent Advice


Being able to offer independent advice in the construction industry is a precious commodity. Most of the big chain builders’ merchants or suppliers offer advice that is tailored to their own in-house products and services. We have seen other estimating services offer big discounts if you get a report done with them. Yet all the…

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Site Safety

site safety

One thing that slips most peoples minds on site is health and safety. We are all guilty of that ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude. So, what happens when it does? There have been big improvements over recent years in reducing the number and rate of injuries to construction workers. Despite this, construction remains a…

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Budgeting and Cost Projection


  During our 3 days at the Self Build event in Dublin, we took part in some of the theatre talks. Our topic was budgeting and cost projection. We didn’t expect the talks to be as popular as they were! Each 30-minute slot had a full audience. Some of the points in our top tips…

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Building Trends

building trends

Over the years we have seen a subtle shift in the building trends and designs of new build homes. Features such as over the top wardrobes, artex ceilings and avocado bathrooms are a thing of the past. For example, a fascinating survey done by New Homes magazine, revealed that 44% of UK home-buyers wouldn’t buy…

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Tendering for builders


Tendering process Tendering or bidding for a project is a common practice among builders and contractors. The process for some can be daunting, awkward and time consuming. It is important that builders tender for projects that they can manage and are right for their company size. Over the years, tenders have become more complex. Larger…

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Choosing an Architect

The first step to any self-build project is securing an architect and getting plans drawn up. In our opinion it is one of the most important aspects of your project. Getting an architect that you can trust and can incorporate an idea onto paper within a budget is so important. Cost This is the point…

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Home is where the heart is


Whether you have a 7-bedroom mansion overlooking a lake, or a 2 bed tiny house on the edge of a secluded forest, your home is where your heart is. Often translated “Family is where the heart is”, the original proverb identifies that with where there is love and acceptance, is also your home. When someone decides to…

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DJ Build Estimations – Where it all began

self build, estimations, quantity surveying

On the anniversary month of DJ Build Estimations launching, the team decided to let you all know how and where it all began!   What do we do? DJ Build Estimations provides innovative and accurate Bills of Quantities without QS terminology. We operate within the construction sector both north and south of Ireland. Self-Builders, tradesmen,…

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Online Self Build Calculators


If you type self-build costs or self-build calculator into google, you will get pages of build cost tools to help. Some ask you for only 3 or 4 values or input criteria before it spits back out a figure. But can you count on this? Yes, there are other calculators that may go into more…

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