Who are DJ Build Estimations?


DJ Build Estimations are paving the way in introducing smart and simple reports for self-builders, tradesmen, builders, and architects etc. Our layout gets rid of the quantity surveyor lingo and helps you understand the full breakdown of build costs for your project.


Who can use our service?


As well as self-builders, we can also offer our BOQ report to the following users:

Building contractors, Property developers, Tradesmen (plasterers, joiners etc), Architects, and Mortgage Lenders.

Builder's are especially finding our report more user friendly and it helps them after the tendering process when they are on site. They just need to add their profit margin and overheads to our base costs at the intial stages of submitting a tender price.


What format can you accept my drawings in?


At the moment we would prefer to receive your plans in PDF format


What is your turnaround time?


From the date we receive your plans and deposit, our turnaround time is on average 5-7 working days. During busy periods this can stretch to 10-12 working days. However, we will always keep you updated on our progress. The full report will be sent to you on receipt of the remaining balance.


Can you price for renovations?


Yes! DJ Build Estimations can handle any style of building on a domestic scale, however renovation work requires some more human input along with our trusty software. Therefore, you should allow an extra few days on our normal turnaround time.


What is the average price per square foot and how accurate is this?


The range is anywhere between £60 - £100 per square foot, depending on the specification of the house. However, we strenuously advise people that this is a very very rough guide. Take a 2500sq ft house for example. If the specification was on the lower end of the scale (tiles, average insulation, radiators) the total would come in around £150,000.00 at £60 per sq. ft. Yet, if the spec of the house was higher (slates, underfloor heating, high insulation) the total would come in around £187,500.00 at £75 per sq. ft.


Is it necessary to have a full specification on my plans?


Yes. The more detail that is on the plans, the more accurate your prices and costings will be. It keeps you and your builder on equal ground as there will be very little room for deviancy. If there is a case where you are not getting your plans fully specified with an architect, we can send a list of standard questions for you to answer that will help us to price it more accurately.


How can I save money throughout my self-build?


Throughout a project there will always be a few tweaks here and there once you start to see the shape and structure of your building come together. Try not to deviate from your plans drastically as this will have a knock-on effect on every phase.


Be sure of your specification and do your research into certain materials and their costs and be able to stick to your budget. Ultimately, the best way to save money before you start is to get an accurate estimation done based on your plans.


What is a PC SUM?


A PC Sum is presumed cost or provisional cost for certain things on your plans where no specification has been drawn up, i.e. plumbing, electrics, stairs, kitchen.

It sets aside a monetary sum for specific building where there is not enough detail to provide a fixed price.




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