Self builders

First and foremost its much easier to follow than your standard QS doc as our lay out and track costs as we follow the natural order of the build and use lay mans terms.

Our mantra is 'KIS' (Keep it simple)

You will have information that will keep you informed as to the prices you should be paying for, materials plant & labour within your area and gives you the confidence to negotiate.

You can easily pick out major costs in the build before you start and it gives you a chance to redesign or change things before it's too late. It will give you relative peace of mind that you can or cannot not afford your build.

Mortgage companies/banks will give you brownie points for having  done due diligence & may just get you over the line if affordability is tight.

Our report can & has saved people thousands of pounds/euros by knowing quantities.

Front page of construction estimating report for an Architect in Co. Fermanagh

Our specialised Construction Estimating report

Works for a simple extension up to a full scale self build.

Is useful for many kind of uses, here are some of them:

Self builders
Mortgage Lenders