Step into your new build project.

3d architectural walkthrough services

With our 3D architectural walkthrough services, DJ Build Estimations will place you inside your plan and walk through your house, room by room, before it is built.

We offer the latest 3D Imaging technology as a special addition to your report.

The beauty of this new service helps you to literally ‘step into’ your new build project.

This low cost addition to your report will make you feel like one of the ‘cool kids’.

If you don’t like the layout of a room, it will give you the opportunity to make changes before any work commences. Your interior and exterior can be adjusted and suited to your functional needs and tastes.

Ready to meet your new home?
Special discount for packages with 3d imaging service
We will send you instructions with the link on how to navigate around the plan.
Rooms and sections will be labelled as per your plan.
Finishes and interiors will be as per the specification that the architect has detailed.
We'll get back to you with a quote after we have reviewed your drawings. 50% deposit will be required if you wish to proceed.