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Construction Planning
The DJ Estimations team have over 20 years experience in the Building Industry and have supplied hundreds of happy customers with detailed estimation reports.

Your self build project can get costly. How do you keep your new build building cost under control and not go over your self build budget? With a detailed quote, of course!

Home Design
Open Plan Living

Have you considered open plan living in your new build or extension? What are some of the things to think about before you include it in your plans?

Is Brexit affecting your build?

There has been an eery silence in the air since Brexit was officially executed and the UK left the European Union on January 31st. The word ‘uncertainty’ has been thrown about on the media and during talks between politicians. As discussed in a previous blog by ourselves, there are a few main concerns that keep cropping up for the construction industry.

Are Architects out of touch with construction costs?

A very common occurrence we are hearing from clients lately is how out of touch Architects can be with construction costs. Some (not all!) architects are telling clients that their project will cost much less than they actually do in the end up.

Construction Planning
How to stick to your building budget

It can be easy to lose track of your building budget when you are new to the self-building scene. The purpose of having a budget whilst building is to see where your money is going and where there is room to spend less.

New Year, New Logo

As you may have noticed this week, we introduced our new logo on our website and across all our social media outlets. Updating the logo was something we had been thinking about for a while, so it was fitting to start off 2020 with a fresh new look!

Quantity surveyor pros and cons

A Quantity Surveyor is a person who estimates the cost of the materials and labour necessary for a construction project. Quantity surveyors manage the costs and help to ensure that the project is completed within its projected budget. They are mostly associated with large scale construction projects, however, appointing a quantity surveyor or estimator for your self-build project can be extremely beneficial.

Home Design
Building Styles for 2020

As we edge closer to the end of 2019, I thought it would be good to reflect on the building styles we have priced throughout the year and take a look at what may be in store for 2020.

Reading the small print

Reading the small print is something that almost everyone skips over and ignores. We are all guilty of it! Whether it’s buying new electrical goods for the house, or taking out insurance. I know that I cut right to the end to tick the “I Agree” box.

Independent advice

Being able to offer independent advice in the construction industry is a precious commodity. Most of the big chain builders’ merchants or suppliers offer advice that is tailored to their own in-house products and services. We have seen other estimating services offer big discounts if you get a report done with them. Yet all the materials will come from their affiliated suppliers which may not be the cheapest place to purchase them.

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