Choosing the right materials to build your new home

laying concrete in new build

While building a home, our heart is filled with endless emotions, mind full of ideas how you want it to be completed. It can be also challenging as it requires a lot of effort and also if you don’t know where to start and what material is good for your new home build, and what fits into your self build budget.

You can even self build your house which is a growing trend. Self build plans offer house owners to design & build their houses according to their choice of material, choice of floor work but it can be tough to control the budget. The self build plan can be budget friendly compared to those custom built and existing property although having a clear breakdown of the building costs will save your self build budget.

Now comes the toughest part of the process, choosing the right material and sourcing them.

Let's discuss some points to be considered while choosing the right material for your new home build while sticking to a budget and being aware of building costs.

New Build Material Properties.

Knowing about the properties of material used in construction of your house, no doubt it's a huge task as well as important too to make your house durable. For example, the materials and property of materials you need inside the house may be different for your backyard or porch, so it's important to study about it and get a deeper knowledge before starting your new build.

Material resistance is also an important factor to consider about:

  • Fire resistance - Using fireproof material provides more safety to stand against fire without changing its shape or other properties.
  • Frost resistance - Materials with this property have the ability to resist your house from several freeze-thaw cycles without being destroyed. Denser materials have more frost resistance as compared to moist materials.
  • Weather resistance - Ability to stand against all the atmospheric action without losing its strength and shape.
  • Water absorption - The material capacity to absorb and retain water in it.

Value for money.

Remember to stick to your budget don’t pay even a single extra penny by getting carried out for those things or material that you may not need, so the best we can do is research, research about the materials going to be used, their importance and their cost by making a comparison chart to save your pockets from those unwanted expenses.

Considering these points will help you build a homely space for you and your loved ones.

Material Efficiency.

Find efficient materials for your home build. You may not always need the costliest material for your house, if you're planning to build an affordable home find efficient material to suit your requirement.

For example, some materials used in building multi-story buildings might not be the same or might be unnecessary for your single-story home.


One thing no one should compromise while constructing your house is using durable and quality materials. We know every penny is nothing but your hard work and all we can say is spend it wisely, don’t always look for cheaper material but go for quality of material.

Why does quality of material matter?  Because the strength and making of the materials greatly affect durability that increases and supports the foundation of your house for years and years.

Think about flooring before your house construction. Search and choose durable flooring options such as wood or marble or concrete there are many other options for flooring choose wisely.

Before you start your new build:

We know that building a new house is a literal dream come true moment, and what works for others may not work for you, so do your proper research, sit with your family, decide your plans, your budget and study the materials you have decided to use to build your house together, then come to a conclusion.

If you still have any doubts related to choosing materials for construction etc, feel free to ask us. We can provide you with a comprehensive quote breakdown which includes cost of materials and labour. Don't get caught out. Keep your budget under control and save money in the long run.

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