Independent advice

Being able to offer independent advice in the construction industry is a precious commodity. Most of the big chain builders’ merchants or suppliers offer advice that is tailored to their own in-house products and services. We have seen other estimating services offer big discounts if you get a report done with them. Yet all the materials will come from their affiliated suppliers which may not be the cheapest place to purchase them.

DJ Build Estimations prides itself on being independent and impartial. We have databases for all 32 counties in Ireland for quarries, hardware stores, window suppliers, and even tradesmen!

Added input

Computer-generated figures makes up only 75% of our reports. We study the plans thoroughly and provide our own assumptions, recommendations and guidance notes. We have that added human input compared to the typical rigid Bill of Quantities. If something isn’t clear on the plan or some architect’s notes are missing, we will fill in the gaps.

Over the years in construction, it became apparent to do accurate time studies on the general site labourers and bricklayers. Whether it was a simple design, or something a little more complex, we could apply the right labour times to each task. Therefore, enabling us to become more competitive and win more tenders.

A computer can’t tell you if a 13 Ton digger will fit through a narrow entry onto the site. Or the risks involved on an extension that requires existing foundations to be underpinned. Consequently, adding this valuable information to our self-build reports makes it become invaluable.

Whether it’s advice on a house design, financing your project, or energy ratings, look out for the independent ones for some help. One of our recommended websites for impartial information from numerous experts is Self-build Ireland. NHBC is another. And not forgetting the shameless plug from ourselves! We offer advice, tips and tricks in our monthly blogs with plenty of topics to choose from.

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