New Year, New Logo

As you may have noticed this week, we introduced our new logo on our website and across all our social media outlets. Updating the logo was something we had been thinking about for a while, so it was fitting to start off 2020 with a fresh new look!


It has taken almost three years, but DJ Build Estimations is growing from strength to strength. “When you’re first starting a business, branding is likely the last thing on your mind.”

Unfortunately, this was true in our case. The company was created off the back of another long-standing and successful business. It took us a while to find our feet and create that niche in the market.

This year we decided it was time to bring that professional look into our logo. A logo is a trademark or symbol to represent the service or product. From attending trade shows and exhibitions and speaking directly to the end users, we have obtained the necessary feedback to help aid us in the new design of our logo. We also sought invaluable advice from local marketing professionals.

Now, some might think that rebranding is a bad thing. On the contrary, most successful companies have rebranded numerous times! Look at Apple. It has rebranded 7 times over the years.

Old logo

Our previous logo, compared to the new one, is like chalk and cheese! We wanted to keep the house/roof outline that was in our original logo. The design team that we worked with were brilliant and sent us ideas and mock-up’s regularly. The colour scheme got a makeover and we added some depth to the logo. We also added a few quirky elements to it, like the windows representing a calculator and the chimney as a stack of coins!

However, it is not just a new logo and some rebranding that has got us to where we are today. It is the customers that referred us on to friends of theirs. The local builders that used us to help them tender for a job. The architects that recommended us to their self-build clients. The mortgage lenders that needed cost evaluations done. All of them helped build us up to where we are today!

If you are looking for a costing on your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.