Building Styles for 2020

As we edge closer to the end of 2019, I thought it would be good to reflect on the building styles we have priced throughout the year and take a look at what may be in store for 2020.

Open space

A top priority for most self-build homeowners these days is entertaining. Wide open floor plans were a must have in 2019 and this trend is certainly going to continue for the next few years! Continuity and free flowing rooms are important for designers as segregated spaces feel very disconnected.

“If you’re in the kitchen cooking, you want to be able to see the dining room or see the living room so you can socialise with whoever you’re having over” – Alex Morgan, Lead Architect and Drafter with Merrill Construction Group.

Two Story Vs Bungalow

This one is a hard building style to pinpoint a majority to. We recently ran a poll on our Instagram page asking what our followers preferred. The results were pretty much 50/50. This is evident from all the plans we get in to estimate also. A total mixed bag!

Exterior Finishes

Whilst every architect has their own style and defining characteristics, there are some material finishes that are starting to get quite popular among them.

Dormer windows and flat roofs now stand out with Zinc or Trocal membranes. Now, this stuff can be expensive, but it does create a lovely feature.

Cedar cladding is another increasingly popular choice. Whether it is just to the side of a porch, or a full-scale wall of it. Its popularity over the last few years has seen the cost of it shoot up. (Brexit also playing a factor in raw material costs of course)

Stone cladding or natural stone sun-rooms. A lovely splash of added texture to the finish of your home. By and large there isn’t much of a difference in material costs, but the labour for stick on cladding is a lot cheaper.

Interior features

Instagram is where I’ve discovered people starting to be a bit more daring with their interiors over the last while. Wall panelling is coming back, and I love it. It adds depth, a traditional feel and saves you from painting!

Another beautiful interior feature finish is herringbone flooring and tiling. The classic time-tested design gives you that bit of a statement piece to your room. Commonly seen on entrance hall flooring and more recently in bathrooms as well.

Colour trends

Moving away from the plans and architect styles now. A big thing we noticed at the latest Self Build Show in Dublin was an infusion of colour. People are starting to stray away from the plain white kitchens and the black/brown front doors. Bold royal blue kitchen islands stood out a mile on the displays, as did the beautiful sage green front doors. As for the interior walls, greys are still very popular this year! Although we can see a small percentage starting to explore with darker colours a bit more.

Overall, we think the building styles mentioned above are here to stay for a few years! As always, remember to cost everything in accurately before you start building to avoid going over budget.