Building trends

Over the years we have seen a subtle shift in the building trends and designs of new build homes.
Features such as over the top wardrobes, artex ceilings and avocado bathrooms are a thing of the past. For example, a fascinating survey done by New Homes magazine, revealed that 44% of UK home-buyers wouldn’t buy a property if it had an avocado bathroom!

Architecturally, building designs have become a bit more complex. Clients are slowly moving away from the traditional ‘box style’ design. Now we are seeing a lot of curved walls, coved ceilings, large windows and even balconies. It’s a bit like modern versus contemporary. The term ‘modern’ typically refers to a very distinctive style of home from the 1900’s to 1950’s. Contemporary architecture and design means “the style of the moment”. Therefore, it is always changing.

Architectural designs have started to focus more around the kitchen being the focal point of the house. Social gatherings happen here, cooking for large parties, or linking you to an outdoor patio area. Though years ago, the kitchen was small and somewhat out of sight. Dining rooms or a large family room would have been the place to entertain guests. Nowadays sitting rooms and kitchens are intertwined to create one big open living space.

In addition to this, another popular attribute that recently built homes are incorporating is energy efficiency. Mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems, air to water heat pumps and underfloor heating are just some of the upcoming trends. The more plans we get in here in the office, the wider the cavities are getting too!
Furthermore, the layouts of houses are becoming smarter too. Storage solutions are taken into consideration. Utility rooms are getting bigger. Walk in wardrobes are now the norm. Jack and Jill bathrooms save space and function two bedrooms.

Here at DJ Build Estimations we love seeing the different styles and plans that come into the office for pricing. So if you are thinking of building your own modern or contemporary home soon, make sure you can afford it before you get started! Once your plans are complete, give us a call to see how much it will cost!