DJ Build Estimations – Where it all began

On the anniversary month of DJ Build Estimations launching, the team decided to let you all know how and where it all began!

What do we do?

DJ Build Estimations provides innovative and accurate Bills of Quantities without QS terminology. We operate within the construction sector both north and south of Ireland. Self-Builders, tradesmen, building contractors and property developers benefit from the service. We provide a detailed document, tailored specifically to the service users’ plans and local area.


We have been in the Construction Industry for over 20 years with a wealth of knowledge in the industry. Dermot as founder and owner, has a degree in Construction Management. DJ Rasdale & Sons (contractors) are based in Derrylin, Co Fermanagh, along the Fermanagh/Cavan border.  DJ Build Estimations, founded in 2016, is the sister company of DJ Rasdale and Sons.

How did we come up with the idea?

As a builder of 20 years, Dermot was all too familiar with the tendering process and filling out a BOQ from a Quantity Surveyor. Confusing layouts, terminology that only relates to a QS and rates mashed together for materials, plant and labour.

Dermot found himself wondering if there was an easier way to understand these documents, or simply cut down on the amount of information provided. He done a lot of searching and head scratching for an easy to follow QS style report.  After researching the market and coming up blank, Dermot decided to create his own template. Each phase of the project comprised of 3 main sections of data. The report was primarily for the companies own use in construction.

The first ‘test’ document made it’s appearance in early 2015 when Dermot was asked by a neighbouring self-builder for help with her own project.  With a downturn in the economy at the time, Dermot had advised them how his newly constructed template proved worthwhile for his own business. There was much admiration for its simplicity and accuracy. It kept her in control of her spending and there was no wastage on material orders.

The next step

Subsequently, the idea was put forward to local architects, mortgage lenders and builders merchants. With even more enthusiasm from them all, this inspired Dermot on to completing his degree in construction management. The skills obtained from his course helped him to adjust and evolve the document to what it is today. Overall, every member of the team has been involved in the development of the business from day one and continues with that same involvement to date.

It has been great seeing the company grow from strength to strength over the last few years. Our website went live, we attend Self Build shows on a regular basis, liaise with local architects and have repeat business from builders all around Ireland. Here’s to many more years, paving the way as ‘The Alternative QS’