Poll Position on a Bill of Quantities

Whilst at the Self Build show in Belfast this year, we had brought with us a copy of our report and a copy of a typical bill of quantities. We got some good feedback from anyone that stopped to chat. And the odd sly remark from a few passing quantity surveyors! One QS even stopped to praise our report style, advising that the industry needed a good ‘shake up’.

Therefore, we decided to run a poll in the weeks after the show. We asked our Facebook followers opinions on our layout versus a quantity surveyors. With 77% in our favour, it is clear to see that the days of a standard bill of quantities are slowly being edged out. Customers want simplicity, accuracy, something they can understand and at a fraction of the price too!

This also applies to the small scale builders and tradesmen. They don’t want to dissect or understand the rates that someone else has plonked into the report for their project. What percentage markup have they allowed? Have they allowed for the right labour and machinery? What if they missed something?

According to Duncan Cartlidge (2009): “during the recent past the bill of quantities is outdated and unnecessary in the modern procurement environment. Indeed it is undeniable that on the face of it the number of contracts based on a bill of quantities has declined sharply over the past 20 years or so”.

However, people will still go to what they are used to dealing with. It’s hard to break away from the habit or ‘norm’ of using something that you are familiar with. It just takes that shift in attitude from a few to sway the many.

Take that leap of faith over to DJ Build Estimations and you will be pleasantly surprised!