Tiny house builds

Something that we have noticed lately, is the rise of Tiny House Builds. America and New Zealand seemed to have introduced the trend and it is slowly being introduced to the rest of the world.

Most Tiny House Builds come with DIY instructions and are usually between 400 and 1000 square foot. The idea of living in such a small space does seem a bit claustrophobic doesn’t it? The upside is you wouldn’t have much cleaning to do! For those not wanting to build a tiny home from scratch, there is also the option of renovating an old shipping container. It is also becoming increasingly popular and one successful project can be seen on Grand Designs.

According to The Tiny Life, the most popular reasons someone would choose to live in such a small space includes environmental reasons, financial concerns, simplicity and self-sufficiency. Monthly bills for electric and heating would be minimal, leaving disposable income much higher. It is also the perfect opportunity to remove clutter and get rid of possessions you were holding onto unnecessarily. Another favourable reason for the Tiny Life movement is that your house can be mobile. Imagine having the freedom to roam around whenever and to wherever you want.

We can understand the reasons why it is becoming so appealing. No huge debt hanging over your head for 30 years, low maintenance and the satisfaction of getting hands on with the project yourself. Typically, today’s standard 2500 – 3000 square foot house will require a project manager or to be completed by a contractor. However, a tiny house build doesn’t require you to have design or construction experience. There are plenty of step by step guides for creating your own cosy permanent living space.

Average costs for a Tiny House Build currently range from £20,000 to £30,000. Much more appealing than a £250,000 mortgage isn’t it?